Ocotillo is now manufacturing Tongue and Groove, AKA T&G. T&G material will be 1x6 Reversible and 2x6 Decking. Lengths will be cut to your needs. Both dimensions are available in multiple species.

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Ocotillo Lumber & Building Supplies LLC


Welcome to Ocotillo Lumber and Building Supplies LLC.

Ocotillo Lumber first opened in 1997 when Richard A. South made the decision to move in the direction towards the Lumber industry when he found a need for a lumber recycler and a remanufacturing plant that could supply small & large users of recycled and remanufactured material on short notices. Richard moved into the lumber business from the contracting industry where he was a general contractor for many years. Please see additional information from the article listed in the Pallet Enterprise.

Ocotillo Lumber performs many services within the lumber industry. One main specialty for their customers is the custom cutting, remanufacturing of lumber and recycling of the lumber. Ocotillo Lumber predominantly provides wholesale services for other Lumber businesses but is increasingly supplying the needs for retail requests.

When lumber orders involve re-sawn material or the product to be planed, the process creates wood shavings. These shavings are purchased by customers for several uses, with one high demand as bedding for horses.

Ocotillo is also a certified Heat Treatment (H/T) mill. H/T lumber is typically wood used for pallets and packaging which has been placed in a closed chamber and artificial heat is added until the lumber achieves a minimum core temperature of 56 degrees Celsius for a minimum of 30 minutes in order to kill any bugs that may be living in it, so that they will not be shipped into any other countries via the wood packaging or wood pallets and become a problem.